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The Mentor-Protégé Program
The HIGHER Women consortium is proud of the emphasis placed on the inclusion and promotion of the career of emerging women health researchers by committing to facilitate professional growth and to foster diverse relationships that add value to the research community in Cameroon.  

The overall objective of the HIGHER Women MPP is to provide professional guidance to the protégés to facilitate growth and emergence in their careers. Specifically, the HIGHER Women MPP aims to:
1.Advance the development in order to attain long-term sustainability in the women’s careers
2.Contribute to the development of quality practices in the field of health research
3.Increase the women’s ability to mobilize sizeable funding for the execution of quality research projects 
4.Increase national and international visibility of Cameroonian women researchers through consistent, escalating and sustained research productivity
5.Enable transition from protégé to mentor after successful completion of 5 years in the MPP.

Program structure
The HIGHER Women MPP is comprised of three key components, the Mentor, the Protégé and the Consortium. Each component plays a major role in the program and each bears responsibility for the success of the program. Each Mentor Protégé relationship will be unique based on needs, type of specialty and research climate in the mentor/protégé research institutions of origin.

The mentor
A mentor is a well-established, successful woman health researcher that is willing to voluntarily commit time, resources, and expertise to teach, develop, and grow the career of an emerging woman in the field. The Mentor is usually a woman who has extensive work experience either nationally or internationally and/or who is currently working on a research project or has worked extensively in the field in the past. The Mentor serves as an advisor to the protégé and receives no monetary compensation from HIGHER Women consortium. Mentors are equipped with the knowledge and experience to help emerging women health researchers to pursue the objectives of the HIGHER Women MPP.  

The protégé
A protégé is an emerging women health researcher, who has voluntarily signed a HIGHER Women MPP engagement form, working in a research institution in any of the 10 regions of Cameroon in the field of health research with 0 to 5 years of experience. The protégé needs to have a vision for growth and long-term stability and sustainability in her research area of specialty but needs guidance to attain higher levels of performance that will increase her potential for sustainable growth in her career.  

Annual reports
The HIGHER Women consortium will conduct annual evaluations of the MPP through the review of annual reports submitted by the mentor-protégé couples. This evaluation will focus on the progress and accomplishment realized during a 12 month period and on compliance with the MPP structure and objectives. The protégé is required to report on the progress annually through the completion of the MPP annual report from. Each report is due 30 days after the end of each twelve-month period commencing with the start of the MPP agreement. Although submitted by the protégé, the report will be reviewed and approved by the mentor

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