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HIGHER Women on the national radio show "CRTV m'accompagne."

September 2016
Dr. Sylvie Kwedi Nolna publishes on mentoring women scientists in NATURE
In Cameroon, as around the world, women are underrepresented in scientific fields. The lack of female role models exasperates this gender gap. In Cameroon, the Higher Institute of Growth in HEalth Research for Women (HIGHER Women), a consortium of seasoned female scientists took on a mission to advance the growth and development of women researchers, particularly early-career women, in order to attain long-term sustained promotion in the field of health research and related areas. Dr. Sylvie Kwedi Nolna, President and Founder of CLEAR Inc., is one of the founding members of the HIGHER Women consortium. In a recent publication in Nature, one of the world’s leading scientific peer-review journal, Professor Emeritus Rose Leke and Dr. Kwedi Nolna highlight the benefits of mentoring for women scientists in a resource limited country such as Cameroon (http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v536/n7614/full/536030c.html). 
To help reduce the gender gap in science, the HIGHER Women consortium utilizes female mentors who are available to be matched a protégé and ready accompany early career women through her professional journey. The protégé benefits from guidance of a women scientist who has gained professional experience and gone through the ropes. The mentor-protégé relationship only works if it offers reciprocal benefits. Hence, the mentor gains the satisfaction of transferring of advice, knowledge and insights while being exposed to a fresh new perspective. Mentoring also gives the experienced scientists the chance to exercise leadership and coaching skills. Mutually, the mentor and protégé benefit as the relationship extends their personal network and inevitable augments their visibility in the research world.
In the long run, the country’s research field will benefit from the development of a cadre of women who are knowledgeable, experienced, energized and have learned to be role models for future generations. The HIGHER women consortium will continue to work for the development of a pipeline of women leaders in research by fostering the culture of growth and leadership for the mentors and protégés.
Professor Rose Leke is interviewed by “Trends in Parasitology” where she is discussing the HIGHER Women Mentor-Protégé program as well as how crucial it is for women scientist to attain higher positions in their field. To read the entire article, click here.
HIGHER Women at the UNESCO-Merck Africans Research Summit held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (28-29 November 2016)
A few months ago, through the HIGHER Women email list-serv, Prof. Leke shared an opportunity for abstract submission for the UNESCO-Merck Africans Research Summit held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (28-29 November 2016). Prof. Leke was one of the invited speakers.
A number of HIGHER Women applied and the following were chosen among the 100 African researchers sponsored to attend the summit:
Dr. Choumessi Tchewonpi Aphrodite
Mrs. Alice Mbi Epse Ojong
Ms. Suzanne Hippolite Magagoum
Dr. Sylvie Kwedi Nolna
All four of them were also selected for poster presentations. And, Prof. Leke and Dr. Kwedi Nolna were facilitators in a session titled: "Mentoring workshop: Empowering women and Youth in Research".
All of HIGHER Women were able to network so to raise the visibility of the HIGHER Women Consortium and we hope that fruitful opportunities will follow.

Below is a link to the pictures from the event.
As we keep mentioning in the consortium, opportunities such as this one are REAL. When these opportunities such come along, HIGHER Women should continue to apply so to represent ourselves as the researchers that we are, to represent the HIGHER Women consortium and the field of health research in Cameroon.
Stay tuned for future opportunities!